Abridged Biographical Information


This is me. No beating around the bush about it, even pixilated Iím a sexy beast.


Iíve known Beth since we were sophomores together in high school. We met through our schoolís drama club. One of our favorite pastimes is me pissing her off while she sits there and gets pissed off.


Honestly, I have no idea when me and Scott met. Sometime around sophomore year we met and we just havenít managed to lose the other yet. Very likely at a Nerf War though.


I met Zach my freshman year of college. We both lived on the same floor. Ironically he lives in my home town. Figures you have to move to college to meet people from where you live.


I met Jeff in college. He and Zach roomed together. I spent countless hours in their room finding new an exciting ways to be a bastard to them.

People I need to sprite:
My Family
My Coworkers
Plenty more, let me know if you want in. Just E-mail me a picture of the outfit you want and Iím good to go.

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